NeverworldX FAQ

We will attempt to answer all questions as accurately as we can, but time and circumstance may well modify these answers.

Q. What is NeverworldX

A. Neverworld X is a free-form role play/story telling “game” set in a series of themed virtual fantasy environments. These environments usually consist of one or more virtual islands depicting a fully functioning role play Scenario Players create Avatar characters and develop these characters and their stories over time by interaction with other player characters, and by participation in the various events and scenarios that occur within their chosen Fantasy Scenario.

Q. How much will it cost me to join the game?

A. The game will be free to play. Each player will receive a game HUD free of charge and choose an avatar character upon entering the game.

Q. Do I need a Viewer to run the game, and if so, which one.

A. Yes the game runs in a Viewer. We will supply a list of allowed Viewers and Url’s for download once we officially open to the public. Mesh support is required.

Q. Do I have to join the game to enter NeverworldX

A. No. Anyone can register to Enter Neverworld just to explore. You can also Rent Land or an apartment in a sim without Joining the game. We are happy for People to make their Home in NeverworldX without becoming part of the game. We would only ask that they dress appropriately and act accordingly depending on which fantasy world they choose to live in.

Q. Can I keep my Second Life avatar name?

A. Yes, you can register with your SL avatar name. To avoid virtual identity theft, we will require approval from your Second Life account. Details will follow. Or you can register with a new avatar name, as long as it is not being used in Second Life.

Q. Can I transfer my Second Life Inventory items over to NeverworlX?

A. This may be possible, but only with items you have either created yourself or have full permissions for. Content creators will of course be able to upload all their items. We have a strict policy of zero tolerance for stolen data being transferred to our Grid. As content creators ourselves, and as hosts to other content creators, the Protection of the work of these creators is of the highest priority for us, and one of the reasons we chose to run a closed Grid.

Q. What kind of role play environments will be available?

A. We will open with at least one multi sim role play world. This will be a futuristic, Sci Fi Cyberpunk City. We hope to also have a totally “re vamped” Venexia ready at the same time. We plan to follow this soon after with another multi sim desert extravaganza based on our popular Kos sims. After this we aim to re build totally new versions of Golgothica our Medieval dark age sim , and Goatswood our Victorian era RP sim. In fact we intend to keep expanding the Neverworld as long as we have people wishing to explore and RP there.

Q. Will I be able to build in world using prims, and upload my own Content?

A. Yes, if you own your own Land you will have full permissions to build with generous Prim limits, far exceeding those of Second Life. Yes you will be allowed to upload your own content to customize your character and rentals.

Q. Can I rent my own Sim in NeverwoldX ?

A. Yes. We will be able to offer standard size sims at vastly reduced prices. We hope also to be able to offer some pre built themed sims once we get up and running.

Q. Can I rent my own Sim in NeverwoldX ?

A. Yes. We will be able to offer standard size sims at vastly reduced prices. We hope also to be able to offer some pre built themed sims once we get up and running.

Q. Can I use your game system in my own game if I rent a sim from you?

A. Yes. We hope to be able to offer our game system to those who wish to create their own games within NeverworldX. However this option may not be available immediate

Q. Will I be able to rent in-game apartments?

A. Yes. We will allow players to rent in game apartments for real money as we have been doing in our sims in SL, but there will also be some apartments available for Game money to players under certain RP conditions.

Q. Will I be able to buy assets such as clothes, shoes hair etc, etc to customise my avatar.

A. Yes. We hope to have an online Market place set up where all kinds of in game items can be bought and sold.

Q. I am a Content creator, can I sell my items on your Grid?

A. Yes. Content creators are very Welcome. Please contact us at neverworldx@gmail.com to get more information.

Q. Why is your world called NeverworldX?

A. The NeverWorld is the Adult equivalent of the Neverland of childhood. It is a World where Adults can explore their deepest desires and fantasies in privacy and safety, beyond the restrictions of their real lives.. And the X? It is the secret ingredient. The something more. That which makes it special. But what that something might actually be may only be discovered by those who are prepared to jump down the rabbit hole without fear of falling, or care for where ever they may eventually land.

Last Updated: 26 May 2015